How Do You Play? Episode 164 Subtitle Espanol

“Understanding How Do You Play? Episode 164 Subtitle Espanol the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work: How Do You Play? Subtitle Espanol How Automation and Machine Learning are Changing the Landscape of Employment” Subtitle Espanol.

(A tranquil Thursday morning)

(MBC working in Sangam-dong)

(It’s peaceful external the sitting area
as the shoot is yet to start.)

(Jae Seok is here!)

(He came before
than the shooting time not surprisingly.)



What’s this at this point?

(Why would that be a clock
in the lounge area?)

– What’s this at this point?
– Hello.

You’re the first to show up
among the individuals.

Enact the clock here
as the agent.

What’s this for?

What is this?

Would it be a good idea for me to simply squeeze this?

What occurs assuming I press this?

Will it make something detonate?

What’s this?

Would it be a good idea for me to squeeze it?

What’s this for?

You ought to tell me
before I press it.

(He will remain up throughout the evening
holding the controller.)

Would it be a good idea for me to squeeze it?

(Would it be advisable for me to squeeze it or not?)

(He’s anxious since he doesn’t have any idea
what will occur.)

(He squeezed it!)

(The clock is actuated!)

What did it begin?

What’s this?

(An envelope is given right away.)

What’s this?


Go to this address now.

(445, Yangnyeong-ro,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

At the present time?

(He’s misfiring
on account of the startling mission.)

Would it be advisable for me to go here first?

Without help from anyone else?

(He at long last makes his strides.)

What’s this?


Do you maintain that I should go here?


(How about we go for the present!)

What about others?

Where could this place be?

For what reason do they need me
to go to Yongsan?

What’s happening?

For what reason did they ask me
to initiate the clock?

Would it be advisable for me to simply go at this point?

(He doesn’t have the foggiest idea
what the clock is for yet.)

Golly, what’s happening today?

I have an inclination
however, it will be fun.


(Not understanding what will occur,)

(he goes to the mission place
for the present!)

The morning daylight.

Stand by. I ought to get a taxi first.


(He quickly takes a taxi.)

Hi, sir.

(Jae Seok withdraws.)


(Jin Joo shows up second.)


What is this? I’m now frightened.

I’m not in any event, wearing a mic yet.

Gracious, there’s a mic.

Hello there.

Hi, everybody.

(Then, Haha shows up.)

(Mi Joo comes later.)

What’s this?
For what reason is the time ticking?

What is it now?

Tell me rapidly. What’s going on here?

What? The time is ticking.
What’s this?

There should be something.

Wow. Would it be advisable for me to follow through with something?

(From that point onward, Mi Na comes.)

What’s this?


What’s this?
For what reason does it say “54 seconds?”

(They were given the mission
in the request for their appearance.)


By taxi?

What do I do?

Would it be a good idea for me to take it with me?


(He simply runs.)

Regardless of whether I take something,

you will tell me
At any rate, to pay for it.

(The recollections of the seasonal work
keep going for quite a while.)


You can’t really understand
when you come to work either, correct?


I get frightened when they give this
to me now.

At the point when they gave this to me,

I won’t ever get to
where I expected to effectively go.

Where could this place be? Am I
not permitted to gaze this place upward?

Might you at any point look “445, Yangnyeong-ro?”

This is fine, right?

It’s under the Hangang Scaffold.

It’s under Hangang Scaffold?

Much obliged to you. I’ll reimburse your consideration.

Look. I can do this.
That was a virtuoso move.

Pick up the pace.

The taxi is here.

It’s 445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu.

(Four, four, five, Yangnyeong-ro)

I’m doing a mission.

We’re on a similar boat now.

(They withdraw for the mission place
in the request for their appearance!)

I don’t know whether the others all
gotten directions or not.

What might this be about?

For what reason did they ask me
to enact the clock?

It began from nothing.

This is disappointing
since I can’t settle on telephone decisions.

It’s Nodeulseom.

Is it?

You found it
as you were interested as well, isn’t that so?

It’s Nodeulseom.


Giving me the choice to
take a transport or a taxi implies…

they will charge me…

for utilizing the card.

I’m actually going
despite the fact that I know it.



Could it be said that someone is moving today?

Jin Joo said
she was moving out soon.

That should be it.

(Is the present mission
helping her move out?)

The schedule came out as of late.

So are we going to convey it
another way?

Imagine a scenario where I’m going out on the town.

I could have a prearranged meeting there.

I trust that is the situation.

It’s Christmas soon.

(The sentiment darling needs to go
for it as it’s Christmas soon.)

Set me up.

My MJ, simply stand by a bit.

Your Thursday Beau is coming.

Sit tight for me.

That was cool, right?

(The Business Couple
is in total agreement.)

That was very cool.

Sir, have you eaten?

No. I normally don’t have breakfast.

Really you don’t?

I normally return to eat something
at ten.

– You eat at home?
– Indeed.

I love mornings
just like a ray of sunshine in the morning.

I’m just throwing it out there.


I’m not delicate to the virus.


I’m just throwing it out there.


Nowadays, the travelers…

like it more
when you don’t converse with them, isn’t that so?


– A few clients are loquacious.
– Indeed.

Answering them is hard.

Chatty clients? Like me?

(That is me.)


I like talking.

I like discussing day to day existence.

Might I at any point sing in the vehicle?

– I wouldn’t fret.
– Much obliged to you.

What’s your main tune?

I like any tune.

Any tune?


Then, at that point, I’ll sing “Any Melody” by ZICO.

(For what reason would you say you are so down?)

(What’s wrong? Say something)

(Supply without request)

(Singing hogwash)

(It’s a K-pop tune
she’s been rehearsing nowadays.)


Please accept my apologies. I didn’t rehearse enough.


(Publicity kid)

(So into it)


(While the K-pop sweetheart
is feeling the song…)

Who are you?

– Sorry?
– Who are you?

I can’t tell as a result of the cover.

– Me?
– Indeed.

Who do you suppose I’m?

– I can’t really understand.
– You can’t really understand?

I’m on a Saturday show.


That doesn’t help me much.


(He’s unpretentiously giving him a clue
without his chuckle.)

– I can’t really understand.
– You can’t really understand?

Do you need a clue?

Simply tell me. I don’t need a clue.

I have my pride.


Allow me to give you a clue.

Who do you believe is this individual?)


gotten the Best Couple Grant…

furthermore, the Best Person Grant.


(Rude awakening)

– My better half is a vocalist.
– Alright.

A vocalist?

Could it be said that she is a people vocalist?

She’s a wonderful vocalist.

– I said, “society.”
– “Society?”

I inquired as to whether she was a society vocalist,
not a wonderful vocalist.

(Startling turn of events)

Did I offer something entertaining?


I’ve never heard anybody say
“people vocalist.”

I see.

I’ve never heard that, in actuality.

(I’m Byul, a people vocalist.)

What comes next later “Fa” and “Ga?”

“Fa,” “Ga,” and…


– Is it safe to say that you are Haha?
– Indeed.

– Is it true or not that you are?
– Do you know me?

– I know you.
– You know me?

I truly like you.


Much obliged to you, sir.

(In the mean time,
Jae Seok got off the taxi.)

It’s been some time since I came here.

(He got to Nodeulseom.)

Where could it be?

(It’s 30 minutes
after the clock was enacted.)

I believe I’m the first to show up.

(Glancing around)

What’s going on here?


What’s that?

(Somebody is hanging tight for Jae Seok?)

What’s that?

I see a woman.

(A woman who is here
like a Christmas present?)

It’s Park Chang Hoon once more.

It’s Park Chang Hoon once more.

– Sit down.
– What is that?

Ji Seun,
you’re the first to show up.

My name isn’t Ji Seun.

– I sat tight for such a long time. I’m cold.
– I see.

You ought to have been dressed comfortably.

Am I the first to show up?

Indeed. Presently, I’ll tell you
what we will do today.

What’s going on here?

Recall the mission called
Get All Individuals in the Van?

You fizzled
what’s more, had a punishment breakfast, isn’t that so?

Indeed, we did.

(You have three hours…)

(to get different individuals
in the van!)

(Jun Ha isn’t getting!)

(Since they couldn’t arrive at Jun Ha,)

(they bombed the mission.)

(They completed the punishment

(They spruced up as beggars…)

(what’s more, ate
on top of Mount Acha.)

(Allow us another opportunity.)

(They nearly pulled it off,
so they needed one more opportunity.)

– All of you appeared to be anxious to attempt once more.
– It was so close. OK.

How would it be advisable for us to respond this time?

Get All Individuals in the Van Once more!

This time, you have four hours
to get all individuals in the van.

In any case, this time,
you need to track down the van first.

In the request for their appearance,
every one of them will get…

a piece of a photograph
that shows the area of the van.

Find the van utilizing only the part
of the photograph you were given.

In the event that you fall flat,
a more extreme punishment is standing by.

(Assuming that they fall flat,
they’ll get a more extreme punishment.)

Golly, this is absurd.

– If it’s not too much trouble, focus to your right side.
– Alright.

Pick any piece of the photograph
you like…

furthermore, move to the area of the van
as the photograph shows.

Golly, this one is excessively little.
It will not be valuable.

It’s excessively little. Hang on.

This is the greatest one,
so I’ll pick this.

Or on the other hand not?


Obviously, I ought to pick this one,
correct? I’ll go with it.

OK. Look at it.

(Jae Seok picked the principal piece.)

(He appears to be bothered.)

How might I find it utilizing this?

That is to say, essentially nothing remains to be gone by.


Different pieces…

That one priority the sky.
It is basically impossible.

I don’t think
the others will actually want to track down it.

35 minutes have passed
since you…

Come on. It began
when I pressed the button?


(Time is ticking as they talk.)

Then, at that point, we don’t have a lot of time left
since we have just four hours.

Indeed. It’s an exceptionally simple mission,
so we will gather…

– Gather?
– your telephones.


– We can’t utilize our telephones?
– No.

Since it’s so natural.

– Okay. Perceived.
– For the present…

– You ought to leave now.
– I need to find it utilizing this?


I want to believe that you folks pull it off
with the goal that you will not get the punishment.

You should appreciate giving us a punishment.

Actually no, not the slightest bit.

You’re lying. Fine.
I’ll go assuming that I fizzle. It’s no biggie.

Send us to a higher mountain.
It won’t be an issue.

Goodness, man. Hang on. Where could it be?

Isn’t this CGV in Yongsan?

Or then again is it close by?

This building looks recognizable.

Stand by. There’s a taxi around there.

Will I ask the driver?

– Excuse me, sir.
– Indeed?

By any opportunity,

could you at any point tell me
where this photograph was taken?

(He checks the photograph out.)

– This…
– It’s difficult to tell…

– Isn’t that so?
– Indeed. With this by itself, it’s hard.

I see “complex”
behind this structure.

Be that as it may, I see nothing else.


I believe it’s some place close to Yongsan.

Will I go to Yongsan until further notice? Alright.

My golly. This is so

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